Playbook signup page

February 02, 2018

An animated shot of the Playbook Beta signup page. I wanted to keep it super simple, so it wouldn't need any maintenance, yet still be on-brand. If you play D&D, and want to stay in the loop, go sign up! 👉


January 20, 2018

Just about finished writing the basics of the health component for Playbook. There's so much to keep track of with this component, and so many different states to represent. Additionally, I wanted to maximize control, without sacrificin...

Playbook 1

January 12, 2018

Rebuilding my portfolio has me digging up some old projects to give context on some of my newer work. These are some shots from the original Playbook (with some iPhone X lipstick), weird padding bugs and all!

Updated login flow

January 01, 2018

Rewriting and redesigning Playbook with a friend from work. There's some really interesting design challenges with a D&D app, chief among them being generative design. No two characters are the same, and there are sometimes huge diff...

Playbook Landing Page

December 23, 2017

Built a super-simple landing page for Playbook, to start finding connections to potential beta users while we build. Read about it on Medium, or visit the site at

Playbook Beta

July 06, 2017

Playbook makes it easy to manage all of the clerical work in d&d5e—tracking vitals, sorting inventory, looking up abilities, etc. I play just about every weekend, and got super frustrated with limitations of paper sheets, low-qualit...