How we work at Doist: Interview with UpLabs

September 19, 2016

Hi everyone, I had the pleasure to be interviewed by UpLabs and we talked about how we work, design, build products like Todoist and communicate at Doist as a completely remote team. The image shows a glance into my personal Todoist set...


An all new Quick Add on iOS and Android

July 11, 2016

Hello everyone, we just released an all new cross-platform Quick Add, that is now available on iOS and Android as well. With our quick add shortcuts you can easily add a task with a due date to a specific project, add a custom label, an...

Happy Earth Day ❤️🌍

April 22, 2016

A concept of our empty today screen in Todoist to celebrate Earth Day.


Todoist for Windows 10 – Themes

April 13, 2016

Our new Windows 10 app now supports themes, language localisation and many more features. Here's our official announcement:

#DoMoreStressLess – Social Media Images

April 06, 2016

Images for a social media campaign that explain specific Todoist features to help people to do more and stress less with our app. It's currently rolling out on our social media channels. Examples: 1) Take back control of your inbox by e...


Quick Add OS X

March 17, 2016

The revamped Quick Add Shortcut – now powered by our Intelligent Input – lets you type in tasks with natural language deadlines (ex. every day at 4pm), priorities (ex. P1), labels (ex. @email), and projects (ex. #Apple Launch) without le...

Todoist Blog

March 16, 2016

Our blog got a major overhaul with improved typography (Graphik and Caecilia), more prominent banners and illustrations. We're constantly working on improving content and the UI. Check it out here:

We're hiring designers

March 04, 2016

Check it out here: