New BreakOut Logo

December 10, 2016

This year we had to redesign the branding for BreakOut. We wanted to create something modern, but without being too professional. Also we decided to stick with the orange as brand color, but in a different tone. This logo was done in a w...

BreakOut iOS/Android App

June 22, 2016

This year I've helped to redesign the mobile apps for BreakOut. The goal was to create a recognizable app, but make it as simple as possible to keep the coding effort low. Sadly most things didn't made the cut to the MVP. BreakOut is a ...

Berlin vs. Munich Illustration

January 26, 2016

These two illustrations where intended to be part of the new BreakOut teaser. This year, the BreakOut Event will be started from two cities - Berlin & Munich. In fact that these illustrations are too far away from the CI, they where ...

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