10 Projects

  1. All the designs for my personal website and other personal things.
    12 shots
    Updated August 18, 2016
    1. A collection of work I did during my Interfacedesign study at the University Of Applied Sciences Potsdam.
      5 shots
      Updated August 11, 2016
      1. Skill comes with practice :)
        16 shots
        Updated July 19, 2016
        1. BreakOut – As far away as possible. Two people. No money. 36 hours. – For the UNHCR.
          2 shots
          Updated June 22, 2016
          1. Matthias Gansrigler is the developer of all the great Eternal Storms apps you may know. We are working together to take the most out of Matthias' apps!
            10 shots
            Updated June 08, 2015
            1. Mirakel is a ToDo App for Android. I'm working together with the two creators Anatolij Zelenin and Georg Semmler to make the great tool also fun to use.
              2 shots
              Updated November 29, 2014