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Spright Discover Modules

May 10, 2016

Here's a deep look into the modular card system I designed for Spright. It's intended to make it easy for users to discover various kinds of content across the site. We started by breaking away from the traditional assumption that a vis...

Spright Homepage

May 09, 2016

Snapshot of the Spright homepage, with our modular card system in action. I intentionally designed the homepage to not be unique or particularly important – all of the content here is accessible through other pages as well. It's composed...

Spright cards

Spright Class Card

May 06, 2016

At Spright, I had a fun time designing and building a modular card system to feature different kinds of objects (such as a post or a person). This card for an online class was placed on the homepage and classes landing page. Cards of al...

Spright Expert Bio

May 06, 2016

Here's how some of our tangram identity was ultimately applied at Spright. Besides being visually interesting, the pattern represents a few concepts that we wanted to (subconsciously) communicate: — Tangrams are about putting the puzzle...


August 27, 2015

One year later, changes afoot...