Sirono Homepage

August 21, 2014

Really excited to launch an overhauled homepage for today. We've now got meaningful content, custom icons, and fancy svg animations as you scroll. A remaining challenge is the hero image, which I'm not entirely happy with. If...

Sirono Service Icons

August 20, 2014

More icons as part of a homepage refresh. Looks like this layout didn't make the cut, but the icons for our core services will go live soon.

Risk Illustration

August 12, 2014

More illustrations for an upcoming Sirono homepage redesign. We're emphasizing that if hospitals don't act now, they'll face declining revenue in the future.

Sirono Feature Icons

August 11, 2014

Working on some new icons for Sirono's features and benefits as part of a homepage refresh. Simple, but a huge improvement for us.


Sirono Hexagon

June 02, 2014

Excited to launch a new site for Sirono today. Had fun with some subtle animations as you scroll down the home page. Icons are from FontAwesome, type is Fira Sans and Tisa Sans.