Scl instastory

SCL Instagram Story

May 08, 2018

Animation made as a video bumper for Instagram Stories during SCL Retreat.

College now

Night of Worship

May 06, 2018

Quick animation for College's Instagram

Scl revolve

SCL Revolver

May 06, 2018

Unused animation from last year's students fall retreat.

College connect

College Connect

May 06, 2018

Advent fb animation full

2017 Advent - Animation

February 01, 2018

Another animation made for last fall's Advent series. Always fun to get to do more motion work and get to practice those skills.

Advent fb animation

2017 Advent - Profile Animation

January 31, 2018

An unused animated social icon I made last fall for our Advent series. I'm excited to get to be doing more motion work the longer I'm here at The Austin Stone.