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Iconifying a few iconic products.

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iOS7 Folder

September 15, 2013

**Refined** Thought it might be an interesting concept to see home screen folders stack launcher icons using the same paradigm as browser window stacking :) + And yes I'm teasing you with my own slightly modified versions of a few of t...

Flat App Icons

May 03, 2013

Felt the need to re-imagine a few of my - more frequently - used application iconography, of popular tools I use on the daily :) Should I make more?

Square iOS Icon

May 01, 2013

No, I don't work for Square. Simply thought that the logo/card reader would be an interesting addition to the icon family :) Don't forget @2x! Sorry to those who have visited previous iterations. Your feedback is very welcome.

Facebook iOS Icon

April 27, 2013

Just exhausting ideas for icon re-designs of my favorite mobile apps. Tis all.

Atari Joystick iOS Icon

April 27, 2013

**Revised** Dramatic throwback to classic technology -the Atari Joystick, iOS icon. Still iterating, taking suggestions etc.

ParkItForward iOS Icon

April 25, 2013

**Revised** Tell people about your parking space! Potential iOS icon for upcoming mobile app. Simplified, as well as many other areas have been fadiddled. That's right. Fadiddled. What do you think?

Keurig iOS Icon

April 22, 2013

**Revised x2 lighting and things** A tribute to my love for all things coffee.

Macbook Pro iOS Icon

April 21, 2013

**Revised 1x because I am a crazy son of a bitch** Though not 100% sure how done I am with this. Ultimately, I just felt like making a little (slightly abstract) MBP - in icon form - thought the shape would fit nicely into an Apple Touch...