Settings UI

June 13, 2017

#DailyUI 07 — Settings Kept this simple. Set the temperature. See attachment for a larger preview.

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User Profile UI

June 10, 2017

#DailyUI 06 — User Profile A quick profile UI. Designing profiles never gets old. Check the attachment to reveal the second screen.

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App Icon

June 09, 2017

#DailyUI 05 – App Icon. This one was pretty difficult. Let's just say it's for a weather app? Alarm? (Sun's up?) You decide. Experimenting with some shapes and colours.

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Calculator UI

June 08, 2017

#DailyUI 04 – Back again with a calculator. Check full size for 2x.

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P — Landing Page

May 31, 2017

#DailyUI 03 with a quick landing page (above the fold)

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Checkout UI

May 27, 2017

#DailyUI 02 — Checkout UI Number 2 with a sleek checkout screen and an additional 'Edit card details screen'.

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Sign Up UI

May 22, 2017

#DailyUI 001 Thought I'd have fun with the Daily UI challenge and start off with a Sign Up UI that was made in approx 30 mins. Will be posting as often as I can.