TSM Website Concept - Style Guide

November 28, 2018

Probably the last shot from the TSM project 😅 This style guide was made primarily for me to not lose track in terms of consistency over time (since it took a while to finish the whole thing). I have only included the essentials becaus...

TSM Website Concept - Teams

November 27, 2018

Teams page including featured video and full details about each player in the roster. Also, this section has a special submenu to navigate between all games. 😉 🎮 View case study 🎮 Watch video #tsmwin — Instagram

TSM Website Concept - Player Detail

November 21, 2018

Individual players and their stories is what makes TSM my favorite team. 😉 When designing the player detail page I wanted to create a summary of the essential things people should know about each player. 🎮 View case study 🎮 Watch vid...

TSM Website Concept - Calendar

November 20, 2018

Besides a list of recent match results (here) I thought it would also be nice to see who the team playing next. 📅 Switching to “Upcoming” tab in the top of the page would do the job on the Matches page. 🎮 View case study 🎮 Watch video ...

TSM Website Concept - Store

November 19, 2018

The latest TSM merch on the updated store page. 👕 Pretty standard layout I’d say with a bit more spacing than usual. What I can point out is a secondary navigation (for store subpage only). 🎮 View case study 🎮 Watch video #tsmwin — ...

TSM Website Concept - Matches

November 15, 2018

List view of the latest TSM match results. 🏆 By default you see everything but I thought it would be also nice to filter by game, hide spoilers or switch to upcoming matches to see what’s next in a calendar view (preview coming soon). ...

TSM Website Concept - Homepage

November 14, 2018

Let’s highlight individual pages from the TSM Website Concept. Starting with a homepage and it’s featured cover story, a grid of articles and customizable sidebar (live videos, latest matches, YouTube integration and more). See the whol...

TSM Website Concept - Case Study

November 13, 2018

The second part of my announcement today 🙌 TSM Website Concept case study is now live on Behance, so I put together this quick showcase to highlight selected parts and test out the new mp4 feature on Dribbble 😇 👉 View case study 👉 Watc...

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