Coffee table, cup, magazine composition [GIF]

July 31, 2014

Here's a GIF showing the various layers used to create this composition for a banner I've created. The aim is to show that the magazine is part of your daily routine and also to show it's size in comparison to an average coffee cup.

Payment form layout

December 10, 2013

This is a payment form layout I'm working on. See the attached file for the full form.

8 Days of Designers Campaign

November 27, 2013

I recently ran a campaign for Asian Bride showcasing the collections of 8 designers over 8 days. Check out the campaign on Behance and let me know what you think.


November 25, 2013

Some icons i'm working on for a website project. Out of interest, can you guys take a guess to what each icon represents without putting them in context to see if they match their purpose. Feedback much appreciated!

App Menu Bar Icons (iOS7 Version)

August 07, 2013

Version 2 of the menu bar to sit better with iOS 7 The thickness of the lines look a little skewed once I scaled down my retina ready design for this shot. Thoughts?

App Menu Bar Icons

August 01, 2013

Menu bar icons for the iPhone app I'm working on.