1. apple leaf fruit circles construction ½ design 🍎 half seed apple negative-space negative space minimal simple logo
    View apple
  2. ◇ Cat & Dog negative space diamond ◇ single line monoline cat dog simple negative-space minimal logo animals
    View ◇ Cat & Dog
    ◇ Cat & Dog
  3. Clothespin Heart negative-space negative space logo love velentines ♥ heart clothespin
    View Clothespin Heart
    Clothespin Heart
  4. Alyx crowbar half life announcement valvesoftware valve animated animation object game vr hlvr red-letter-day simple minimal motion logotype logo half-life alyx λ
    View Alyx
  5. Cycle negative space motion loading ◁ ∞ logo simple animation animated cycle dark-orange twisting twist turning ribbon minimal form shape loop infinity
    View Cycle
  6. Reach single-letter r reach logo simple minimal
    View Reach
  7. Fox negative space 狐 circle construction circles geometry pantone 179 minimal simple animal symbol mark logo fox
    View Fox
  8. Handmade two twisting twist turning right left hands handmade motion animation minimal simple logo
    View Handmade
  9. no negative space letters typography type logo minimal protest blue white red word negative-space negative no
    View no
  10. House of Illusions magic geometric architecture illusion house vector simple logo illustration minimal
    View House of Illusions
    House of Illusions
  11. Cat and Fish black cat negative space negative-space logo feline aquarium bowl goldfish fish cat
    View Cat and Fish
    Cat and Fish
  12. Sharp Sound negative space blade sharp mark logo brand icon music sound editing
    View Sharp Sound
    Sharp Sound
  13. Raccoon rabbit trash panda negative space simple negative-space rocket face animal raccoon
    View Raccoon
  14. Star Wars Trooper loop starwars smooth stormtrooper clonetrooper animation animated morph star wars
    View Star Wars Trooper
    Star Wars Trooper
  15. apollo 11 redesign identity brand 1969 50th anniversary earth-rise moon word minimal logo simple mission apollo apollo 11
    View apollo 11
    apollo 11
  16. Day of the Dead 20s portrait noir face painting day of the dead face
    View Day of the Dead
    Day of the Dead
  17. Pumpkin jack-o-lantern smile horror scarry noir candle light black pumpkin halloween
    View Pumpkin
  18. 3 negative space pulse orange negative-space minimal simple intersections circles triangle animated easing elastic logo
    View 3
  19. Rabbit ears bunny hare minimal motion loop negative space negative-space animal logo animated animation simple rabbit
    View Rabbit
  20. Loading ⸫ loop △ ux ui loading interactive gray bubbles blue blobs motion animation
    View Loading
  21. Fellowship Factory loop simple negative space animated frame-by-frame double-meaning motion logo minimal initials activity smoke factory gif animation
    View Fellowship Factory
    Fellowship Factory
  22. Rabbit 3d ribbon rabbit mark logo design two-sided
    View Rabbit
  23. Light Lion logo double-meaning feline minimal simple lion light light-bulb
    View Light Lion
    Light Lion
  24. Lit Match symbol negative space mark logo fire match lit
    View Lit Match
    Lit Match
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