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We are Agigen. A creative web agency based in Stockholm, Sweden. We create beautiful design, powerful code and cool ideas.

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Services - Explorations

March 04, 2016

Just some old sketches for our services page at, that I totally forgot to post.

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Agigen - About us WIP

October 06, 2015

Another redesign sketch for our website This is part of the "about us" page. Just a little something about our team and work culture. There will be some more content on this page, but this is just a sketch.

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Agigen Startpage WIP

October 01, 2015

Still working on redesigning our website This is a first sketch for the startpage. The idea I had was to make the triangles some kind of parallax, but I dunno.. it feels a bit old... It looks like we'll scrap this idea after...

Agigen Services WIP

August 19, 2015

Still working on redesigning our website Currently looking over our services page.

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Agigen - Services (WIP)

July 09, 2015

Our website is in need of a small makeover. Here is a super quick remake of one of our services pages. Icons and images are mostly placeholders still.

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Agigen Redesign 2015 (WIP)

June 12, 2015

Can't believe it's almost been a year already since we last updated our website, so we thought it was time for a small makeover. This is a first sketch of a redesign for our startpage. We're kind of in love with slanted lines,...

Agigen 404

Agigen 404 error page

October 15, 2014

If you see this page, you've hit our 404. But don't worry, the fearless red panda will guide you back!

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Agigen chat

Agigen Chat

October 13, 2014

Did you know you can chat with us on our new website? Head to the bottom of the startpage, and check out the Slack retro chat!