1. AC Logo For My Personal Brand >> (feedback pls!) feedback freehand pen tool adobe illustrator logotype type letters ac logo wip vector graphics vector art design illustration illustrator vector personal brand initials graphic design branding logo
    View AC Logo For My Personal Brand >> (feedback pls!)
    AC Logo For My Personal Brand >> (feedback pls!)
  2. Alien Nation gritty c4dart tritone grainy grain texture in process work in progress work in process wip cinema4d c4d sketch and toon ufos ufo alien futurism retro logo retro future retro futurism
    View Alien Nation
    Alien Nation
  3. Street Art Photog (is my other hobby) wip grain texture paint stroke texture brushes geometric geometric art street art hobby film photography symbol c4d cell shading toon vintage camera polaroid photoshop photography sketch and toon cinema 4d
    View Street Art Photog (is my other hobby)
    Street Art Photog (is my other hobby)
  4. Flower Power! wip geometric illustration geometic geometrical geometric art geometric design simple shapes shape elements primitives primitivegeometry geometry geometric 2d art flower pattern artist pattern design pattern kaleidoscope psychedelic photoshop editing
    View Flower Power!
    Flower Power!
  5. Street Signs (remix) symbol sign design traffic street signs informational graphic information design graphic design c4d student work student project typography design lettering glitch glitch effect type treatment contemporary design c4dart trippy traffic light sketch and toon
    View Street Signs (remix)
    Street Signs (remix)
  6. Prompt #21 (Memory From Age 10) - Friendtorship animated gif patterns pencil case pencil box pencils pencil pattern design gif c4dart illustration art illustration isometric illustration isometric art isometric cinema 4d cinema4d sketch and toon 3d 3d art c4d
    View Prompt #21 (Memory From Age 10) - Friendtorship
    Prompt #21 (Memory From Age 10) - Friendtorship
  7. Aincent Iridescent Bubble c4d practice voronoi holographic foil holographic holo bubble cinema 4d psychedelic experimentation wip 3dart 3d cgi c4dart cinema4dart cinema4d c4d metallic iridescence iridescent
    View Aincent Iridescent Bubble
    Aincent Iridescent Bubble
  8. A Aesthetics c4d practice cinema 4d lettermark 3d art c4dart letter art trippy type holographic 365daysoftype wip cinema4d c4d glass iridescent 3d letter letters lettering alphabet letter letter a
    View A Aesthetics
    A Aesthetics
  9. Loopy Letter A logo trippy type loop animation loop trippy psychedelic work in process wip cinema 4d lettering c4d sketch and toon 3d art 3d letter art letter animation gif letter a letter letter a
    View Loopy Letter A
    Loopy Letter A
  10. Sweaty Saturn space zero gravity primitives saturn gif animation gif animated gif c4dart abstract x-particles xparticles work in progress cinema 4d c4d sketch and toon psychedelic 3d art wip trippy 3d
    View Sweaty Saturn
    Sweaty Saturn
  11. Soapy Donut reflection soap 3d gif work in progress sketch and toon cinema 4d c4dart primitives cinema4d gif animation animated gif psychedelic 3d art 3d wip xparticles c4d donut c4d practice
    View Soapy Donut
    Soapy Donut
  12. Creative Glitch (The Creatives Mind Fart) wip lettering art creative design word art drugs psychedelia adobe aftereffects lettering animation trippy psychadelic psychedelic after effects animation aftereffects type animation glitch art vhs glitchy glitch effect glitchart glitch
    View Creative Glitch (The Creatives Mind Fart)
    Creative Glitch (The Creatives Mind Fart)
  13. "eL" Classical  (Made in Adobe Dimension) type single letter letter typogaphy warm colors weathered metalic copper tile vintage vintage lettering dimension adobe dimension letter l 3d typography 3d type 3d letter 3dlettering 3d art 3d
    View "eL" Classical (Made in Adobe Dimension)
    "eL" Classical (Made in Adobe Dimension)
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