ZEPL – Decision making modals

January 20, 2018

These modals are part of the required setup on ZEPL where users need to take action. We know that every configuration is a pain–point for the user, that’s why we focused on making it easier to move along. If you wanna learn more about t...

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ZEPL – Spaces for team collaboration

January 11, 2018

This is what we call Spaces inside ZEPL. Here’s where teams share notebooks to code and gather feedback of data reports. Stay connected to learn more about this project. In the meanwhile, you can check the complete Case Study here ➭ htt...

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ZEPL – Coding data notebooks

January 09, 2018

Hi Folks! This is part of the editor we designed for ZEPL, where Developers build data reports with code to then pass it to Marketing and Business guys. Let me know if you like it, I’ll be posting a series of shots about this project. I...

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ZEPL Case Study - Web App Design

December 29, 2017

ZEPL wanted us to redesign their Big Data platform to make it more user-friendly. The project was mainly focused on optimizing team collaboration and securing a significant edge over the competition. We wanted illustrations to serve as a...

ZEPL – Build beautiful data products

July 05, 2017

Hi there! Here’s some work we have been doing for ZEPL. This is the frontpage of a platform where data professionals go to build and code interactive reports using infinite sources of data —a.k.a Big Data 🚀 It was a really fun project w...

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