Pixel2HTML Case Study - Branding & Web Design

October 12, 2017

Pixel2HTML needed a extreme makeover on its brand and website in order to make their service clear to all kinds of users. We crafted a unique identity with a new set of visual elements, and we designed a new UI Kit to go with the UX stru...


December 16, 2016

Here’s the checkout view from Pixel2html order form. As always, we went for a clean simple interface, focusing the user on what’s important. Cheers to @Alejandro Ramirez for the illustrations!

A simple Contact Page

December 02, 2016

Do you know those sites where you have to scroll through thousands of photos and links and instagram in order to finally get to the contact e-mail? Well, for pixel we decided to not dot that (duh), and we went for a straight forward cont...

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Natural language form

November 21, 2016

We decided to explore a bit with natural language 🎉 This is the first screen of the form we've designed for pixel2html. There's more coming soon so stay tuned! PS: there's this article we wrote about Natural Language ;) (in Spanish fo...

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So how does a landing page get started?

January 26, 2016

It all begins on paper, of course! Here’s the backstage (just a little part), showing how Pixel2HTML got started. It was on paper, obviously, because at @Aerolab we're paper fans. And what does paper fans means? That just means we lik...

Pixel2HTML: team & jobs

January 25, 2016

We though in a visual & communication system that we can easily expand into the site's inner pages; allowing us to show Pixel's content and make it speak with a defined character and personality. These are the Team and Jobs inner p...

So remote, much abroad

January 22, 2016

More stuff from this project. A small illustration to show remote work around the world.

Pixel2HTML: bringing their approach to life

January 21, 2016

Another look at the Pixel2html project, this time the Approach section. We wanted to make really clear to the user Pixel's workflow, so we decided to organice the information dividing the process in 5 easy steps, and visualizing it wit...