Menu interaction adrianchiran

Atro Mobile UI Kit - menu animation

December 27, 2017

menu reveal animation made with Principle. For those interested, I’ve attached the source. Feather icons designed by @Cole Bemis 👍  - Available on ➡️ UI8 ➡️ Creativemarket ➡️ Gumroad

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Account stats adrian chiran

Atro Mobile UI Kit - stats animation

December 18, 2017

Animation made with @Flinto. #madewithflinto Available on ➡️ UI8 ➡️ Creativemarket ➡️ Gumroad

Floating button

Floating Button

August 27, 2015

I took PrincipleApp for a spin and I’m surprised on how easy you can create kick-ass interactions. Have you guys tried it yet? For those of you interested I’ve attached the source too. Download the source 👍  - Find me on: Twitter |...

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