Bersi Serlini - Click & Hold

August 10, 2018

Join the celebrations! Our imaginative Bersi Serlini - Festival 2018 just won #SOTD & #DEVAWARD! This project was as much fun as the festival it portrays! Quick tip: try click and hold in the home page ^_^ optimize

Bersi Serlini Event

August 07, 2018

This “temporary website” is meant to be an handheld guide to the activities scattered around the maison and a groundbreaking image for Bersi’s craziest time of the year. Check out the full work at

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Bersi Serlini Mobile

August 06, 2018

Bersi Serlini’s Festival is an annual event in Franciacorta, one of Italy’s most renowned wine territories. Check out the new website. Find it here: Click

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Bersi Serlini Homepage

August 03, 2018

THAT time of the year 🍾🥂 Bersi Serlini's new festival website is finally out — let’s have a toast together and download the program, yay! Discover the full website here at