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As a designer, it's a powerful and humbling exercise to look back and reflect upon the road travelled. It keeps you honest.

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Ralph McQuarrie Tribute Painting

January 16, 2015

In one of my college painting courses we were assigned a project to recreate a "master work." As a kid, I was enamoured with the concept design that Ralph McQuarrie did for Star Wars. I decided to recreate (rather poorly) one of his piec...


Unite and Fight

August 26, 2012

This is an ancient piece I put together for a postcard mailer. By ancient, I mean pre-youtube days. I love digging up old stuff. It really illuminates where you have come as a designer.


Unmerited Favor

August 22, 2012

...Now we are really going back in time. What we have here is the very first thing I painted after I got my Wacom tablet in college.



August 22, 2012

Sometimes it's nice to look back at something you made and see how far you have come. These were created for now-defunct (sadface) browser based game console InstantAction long before Dribbble existed. There are certainly a lot of thin...


Wheat Field Painting

March 05, 2012

This is really really old. Probably one of the first color digital paintings I ever did.


Bird of Conceptual Paradise

May 26, 2011

Here is a crop of what I developed from the aforementioned abstract. This technique was a great way to find inspiration, and something that I hope to revisit again soon in the future. Comments or Questions on the process or whatever ar...

Shot 1301076330

TreeFort Logo, Winter Edition

March 25, 2011

Here is a classic from ye ol' archives. I illustrated a tree-fort logo for a kids group. Growing up - Bill Watterson (Calvin & Hobbes FTW) was a big time artistic hero of mine, and really inspired me creatively. Clearly, this piece t...