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by Adam Tolman

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Flip counter

Flip Counter

April 02, 2012

Location pins

Location Pins for Web App

March 12, 2012


Patches (or Badges?) for Web App

Okay my dribbblers. Top row (light/texture) or bottom row (flat)?

February 28, 2012


Updated Icons for Web App

December 29, 2011

Pattern library

Pattern Library

Working on developing a large pattern library for a web app we're buildin'.

November 23, 2011


Dashboard Redesign for Web App

Dashboard in a web app for leads and event management. Been a complicated blast so far :)

November 02, 2011

Web app

Web App Redesign

Working on a long overdue redesign for a very complex web app. Taking on simplifying the header/nav.

October 19, 2011