Product item

April 30, 2014

Putting pieces together and now experimenting with some product boxes, early stages :) Any thoughts appreciated.

PeddlePushers Stationary

April 28, 2014

A little more work on my PeddlePushers project. Not completely happy with this one but will continue to tweak it.

Brochure Spread

March 28, 2014

Once again for the PeddlePushers conceptual project, I wanted to dive in to something I've not had much chance of doing with past clients, which is print work. I love doing things like this and for this project I spent the last few hours...


March 28, 2014

PeddlePushers is a big conceptual project for fun that I've recently started. I wanted to create something from start to finish like any other client, from branding, print materials through to a fully blown eCommerce store. After select...