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Tapito is a highly customisable and learning app that lets you read daily articles from any online source, see the trends, follow specific tags and subjects.

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Tapito project on Behance

July 27, 2016

Wow, this project is huuuuuuuge! Our work for news and article reading app Tapito is going really fine. We've gathered the stuff we've made for Tapito project by now and put it on Behance. Take a look! The work is far from over since w...

Tapito Weather

July 22, 2016

Tapito Android app is already in store and we're working on improving it further! Next version won't just deliver fresh news and articles. It would also show you the weather forecast! Hard to believe, we know, right?

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Tapito app Branding

July 04, 2016

Here's a new logo and brand identity for the app we're working on. It's called Tapito and it's really cool app that lets you read news and articles from thousands of sources and save them for later (hence the folded corner metaphor)))

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Comp 3

Animated Onboarding

July 01, 2016

Hey there, guys! Last good bunch of months I've been working on a really cool and complex app. Here at Ackee, we've created its design and identity from the scratch and it seems it's beginning to shape up wonderfully. Here's the animat...

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