1. Bakefresh Website cake cupcake website clean fancy butterfly logo menu rish colorfull recipes bakery
    View Bakefresh Website
    Bakefresh Website
  2. PM Partner Website Design website ipad ux ui crm services layout light soft color business solution clean
    View PM Partner Website Design
    PM Partner Website Design
  3. Login login username password switch key lock transparent ui ux ios ipad remember
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  4. Detail Screen detail ios ux ui ipad app dashboard sidenav recent search
    View Detail Screen
    Detail Screen
  5. Line Icon Set Part 7 icons documents maths extension clouds upload download illustrations format arrows delete idea
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    Line Icon Set Part 7
  6. iPhone App scrolling iphone app custom scroll custom switch control ux detail ui ios iphone switch
    View iPhone App
    iPhone App
  7. Vector Icon set part 4 progress listing favorite star maps settings cool illustration basket news icons vector
    View Vector Icon set part 4
    Vector Icon set part 4
  8. Dashboard Drawer iPad ipad side panel dashboard briefcase notification logout ui ux ios slide navigation email
    View Dashboard Drawer iPad
    Dashboard Drawer iPad
  9. Transparent Detail Widget transparent widget setting detail rating share link ui ux
    View Transparent Detail Widget
    Transparent Detail Widget
  10. iPhone App Design ui ux icon custom control graph app simple app smooth style ipad app edit ios calculator tool tip ipad graph
    View iPhone App Design
    iPhone App Design
  11. Product Detail Widget detail ui ux cart cart detail product detail gift icon widget red button
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    Product Detail Widget
  12. LineIconSet v1.0 Font File fonts icon vector illustration truetype type typography line
    View LineIconSet v1.0 Font File
    LineIconSet v1.0 Font File
  13. LineIconSet Part 9 icons bottle vector illustration kitchen bear money map pakistan tomb burger sweet
    View LineIconSet Part 9
    LineIconSet Part 9
  14. Vector Icon set for one of my project icons news basket illustration cool settings maps star favorite listing progress vector
    View Vector Icon set for one of my project
    Vector Icon set for one of my project
  15. Slightly Login Black login password id ui ux ios ipad iphone switch screen
    View Slightly Login Black
    Slightly Login Black
  16. Slightly app main screen app ui ux ios ipad black smooth detail listing preview sidebar icon
    View Slightly app main screen
    Slightly app main screen
  17. Vector Icon set part 5 send notification alert stop help play cool illustration question shopping icons vector
    View Vector Icon set part 5
    Vector Icon set part 5
  18. Product Detail Page ui ux product page icon catagory page detail page details bred crum catagory
    View Product Detail Page
    Product Detail Page
  19. Performance Dashboard iPad ipad ui ux ios application dashboard graph rate sorting
    View Performance Dashboard iPad
    Performance Dashboard iPad
  20. Christmas banner 2013 christmas banner ad illustration art shape santa deer tree celebration
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    Christmas banner 2013
  21. UI for CR App ui ux ios iphone ipad detail movie rating play remove favorite edit
    View UI for CR App
    UI for CR App
  22. Bits From Slightly App detail icon articles tabs search field ios ui ux calendar sorting
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    Bits From Slightly App
  23. Election Game for iPhone game icon iphone app icon card game cushion gold ribbon election ui ios ux obama us map democratic republican
    View Election Game for iPhone
    Election Game for iPhone
  24. Slighly App Login login credentials app ios ui ux password switch smooth
    View Slighly App Login
    Slighly App Login
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