Code Enigma Redesign by Aaron Williams

Redesign of Code Enigma website. Find out more about Code Enigma and our team at <3

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Case study page

March 16, 2018

A mockup of the new case study page with an emphasis on easy to read content. Should post up the design process for the St. Johns, Cambridge University site at some point I reckons! –– Follow me on Twitter @aaronthesheep Behance | ...

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Profile page

March 15, 2018

Currently working on redesigning the website. Got Giant's Causeway in the mockups which is cool... The Bushmills whiskey distillery is 10 minutes away from here which is also pretty damn cool too! –– Follow me on Twitt...

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The new homepage

March 14, 2018

The new homepage and navigation for the redesign! Let's get vibrant baby :) –– Follow me on Twitter @aaronthesheep Behance | Homepage | LinkedIn