Pay with PayPal

October 30, 2015

We launched this awhile ago but just getting around to posting it. Now you can Pay with PayPal on Gumroad!


Reading experience animated

October 06, 2015

We launched this a little while ago now but just getting around to posting it, the new reading experience when consuming content through Gumroad. This is just a quick peak at what it can do.. there's a lot more. Check it out in your Gumr...

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October 01, 2015

Sneak peek at the new Gumroad features page.

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Onboarding animation

September 30, 2015

Shipped a refresh of our onboarding experience in the iPhone app. Available in the app store.

Consumption Analytics

September 29, 2015

Today we launched consumption analytics on Gumroad. On a product and product file level, and in real time, you’ll now be able to see how many people are reading, watching, listening, downloading, and consuming your stuff on a mobile dev...