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  1. 25 Jul Pro
    Aaron Dodson
    Commented on Filter Button

    @Ray Sensenbach Good point! The original feature request was to filter by a single variable. Your idea for multiple is awesome! Thanks for the idea!

  2. 25 Jul Pro
    Aaron Dodson
    Followed Eric Li.
  3. 21 Jul Pro
    Aaron Dodson
    Commented on 100 Days of UI #003 - Landing Page

    Great Start Bryce! A few notes:
    1) I'd left align the button if the text is left aligned.
    2) Get fancy(er) with your fonts. Check out something like http://100daysoffonts.com/ for some inspo.
    3) Use color to your advantage - that blue is super cool. give the page some pop
    4) Add some interaction! Show me some features of this rig.