Nearby - A Friend Location Tracker

November 11, 2015

Daily UI #20 - Location tracker For this I wanted to make something that would allow me to see what friends are nearby to me without having to send out a message. It's kinda almost the exact same functionality as Find My Friends, shhh...

100daysui day19 leaderboard shifting full

NASCAR (or any racing) leaderboard

November 10, 2015

Daily UI #19 - Leaderboard I don't even watch racing sports that much, so not sure what inspired this, but I kinda dig it. Overhead view of the track, showing you current positions of all the racers. Leader in orange, and selected/focus...

100daysui day16 direct messaging

Customizable Direct Messaging

November 10, 2015

Daily UI #13 - Direct Messaging (going back to hit the ones i missed) Basically, I just want a really clean messaging app that allows me to change the colors of the message bubbles so I'm not forced to look at the blue or green messages...

Dribbble Data Graphs

November 06, 2015

Daily UI #18 - Analytics Graph Decided to graph out some dribbble stats. User would be able to drag the indicator around on the line and see how many likes/comments/followers they had on that day. Can also toggle between a 30 day, 90 da...

Email Receipt

November 05, 2015

Daily Ui #17 - Email Receipt Pretty obvious what is going on here. But, if anyone wants to buy me a nice eames lounge chair for real, I'll message you my address. Full pixels attached

100daysui day15 switch

Rock On/Off Switch

November 03, 2015

Daily UI #15 - On/Off Switch Rock On or Stop bro. Need to play with the layers in here, when i made this i wasn't too sure of a game plan on how to tackle the moving fingers, ended up making a few too many layers. This morning I came u...


October 30, 2015

Day 14 of daily UI - countdown timer Pretty self explanatory, set a date, see the time until it. Would use names of events to set a background pattern (like google calendar does). Real pixies attached.

Single Item E-Commerce

October 29, 2015

Daily UI #12 Decided to stick with the angled shape overlay and the low-opacity text overlay for one more shot. Really like the way it looked on the profile screens i made a few days ago, so wanted to test it out here as well. If the ...