wlcm.in - landingpage

June 05, 2013

some full screens from early 2011. unfortunately the project never came to life due to issues during the technical realization. but I still like it!

wlcm.in - for whom is it?

January 09, 2012

We make progress in designing and developing useful content pages which describe the possibilities for our target groups - startups, investors and service providers. This particular shot shows a part of a startup's profile and its needs,...

wlcm.in - Stream

November 28, 2011

A small shot of the platform's dashboard - the place where all magic comes together. You can also see the color coding I used for the different types of users. Guys, you really can looking forward for this networking tool which unites st...

wlcm.in - Sneak

November 26, 2011

Going to be a totally new crowdfunding plattform, which (not only) transfers the whole startup scene into the web - stay tuned for the launch!