News Reader – iOS App FREEBIE

December 12, 2016

News Reader is my take on the news feed applications with rich content and interactive card-based design. It’s a concept design for iOS made with Sketch, Principle and a lots of love, of course. It would work best for those who want to m...

News reader by darshangajara

News Reader iOS App – FREEBIE

September 26, 2016

Happy Monday! Here's a little interaction from the iOS concept app for reading news. Click here to download the FREEBIE. Join me on my weirdo adventures at Behance | Medium | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook...

News Reader iOS App – Blog

September 14, 2016

G'Day good folks, Here's the blog page design of the iOS News Reader App. Lined up next is the interaction for the same. It's gonna be a FREEBIE. I'll share all the source files at the end of this project. Join me on my weirdo adventu...

News Reader iOS App – Showcase

September 01, 2016

Here's my take to the News Reader apps. It's a concept design for iOS. Works best for the curated & rich content blogs like @InVision 's Blog. There's a blog page and interaction design lined up. Yup, it's gonna be a FREEBIE. I'll s...

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