Peacewithin framemu1

Free Printable | Mindful Quote - Peace from Within

February 16, 2017

made this few weeks ago for my continuing 30 Happy Words project - the free printable is a 5x7 size - perfect for small frames. you can find it at

#30HappyWords - JOY | Desktop Wallpaper

December 26, 2016

word number 9 - JOY with this one i ended up making two freebies - printable card and desktop wallpaper. made.played with a couple of mockups too grab the freebies from this project at ►

#30HappyWords - Chocolate | Recipe Cards Printables

December 26, 2016

Happy word #10 - Chocolate ❤ Decided to make these printable recipe cards as part of my freebies #30HappyWords project. grab the freebies from this project at :

Day 5 #30DaysofHappyWords Freebies

November 05, 2016

Started this - my first own challenge to practise mindful creativity - and using the fonts i have but haven't had a chance to get to know better.. Mentioned it to a friend, and she said she would like to join me too.. :D read/see more...