Mandala Series Business Cards

February 24, 2018

more from my creative meditation mandala series - symbolism artistry

Purple Gold Mandala • Business Card

January 10, 2018

Another business card design i made tonight

Purple crystal mandala vertical 1a mu

Purple Crystal Mandala • Business Card

January 10, 2018

making some new business card templates where i can utilize the mandala designs i have created over the years..

New Age theme Business Card Template

April 18, 2017

playing with some new age / yoga / alternative style business card designs and mockups

New Age Business Cards

August 16, 2016

playing with my digital mandala designs and fonts.. and then mockups :) - adding some new designs - haven't made many this year (business card templates that is..)

2yy artdeco yinyang businesscards wg dribbleshot

Gold Black Deco Fusion New Age | Business Cards

August 19, 2015

playing with some mockups with the new business card designs i made recently for the business / template store section of mine at Lemon Leaf Prints