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    @Robin Raszka Hmm, I am not pleased to hear I might have no clue what am I doing.

    Obviously I was locked down by a specific problem that STRV lined out. It was already trivial and possibly invalid so I tried to make sense from it as much as I could, yet still tried to stay within the specs.

    If it was a serious product, product market fit research, creating some functional protype is a necessity, I agree. But that is way beyond the scope of a test project of a rational company that probably has considered my past accomplishments.

    At least I wouldn't put more effort than this into a non-paid test project.

    I do agree tho Foodway may not be valuable and we'll probably never see. But if you'd wanna take it seriously we could either build a dirt cheap MVP with manually entered data over the weekend and ship it to validate, before building anything else or going deeper. The startup style.

    I think the case study shows my specific skills (and thinking) for the specific stage of the process the agency is interested in :) I believe the assumption is that if the thinking is right, any problem can be tackled.

    But regardless what I said, I appreciate you not rubbing honey around my butthole :)

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    Jan Vu Nam
    Commented on Foodway - Curated food recommendation

    @Robin Raszka I only tried to differ from Yelp and Foursquare so I might be off. But let me defend my work:

    Foodway doesn't appear to be different on the outside (UI), but the content of the app and how handled it is makes Foodway more useful and better focused than two forementioned apps.

    First point is that Foodway is based around precise location/time based recommendation - it will never show a place that is closed, place that user is coming in regularly, it won't show coffee shops at 11pm or place that is more than 30 minutes away from you and in the next town. It won't show the clich├ęs as the theme of the app is to make discovering food fun again.

    Second point is the exclusivity for the closed community members. Where content is being currated solely by the community members, interesting trends and pattern can surface. Foodway becomes this place where user can learn about the newest culinary trends within the Runway community, like if paleo diet is finally taking off or people suddenly going frenzy about this grilled cheese sandwich behind the corner. Perfect FOMO solution within a small community like this.

    Well, I put my whole thinking behind this on http://vucek.com/foodway. Maybe it will help you see the added value.