Irregular Verbs App

October 10, 2018

Hey! Updated Irregular Verbs app. Now the app has a white theme. There is an idea behind this. Base case: usually, students do their homework in a well-lighted room (at least they should). Papers and books are about black texts on whit...

Irregular Verbs [iOS app]

July 19, 2018

Simple app with English Irregular Verbs. It’s completely free. You can download the app on the AppStore.

Irregular verbs app icon

February 18, 2017

Hi, guys! Here is one of my concepts of app icon for Irregular Verb. Soon on the AppStore.

Irregular verbs app

September 05, 2016

Hi guys! Recently I went to language school to improve my english skills. I tried to find cool irregular verbs app in AppStore but I didn’t succeed. So I decided to create my own irregular verbs app with unicorns and tumbler-girls.