Furniture Product Card

July 16, 2018

Layout exploration. Some composition practice. Photo credits:

Chudo [Landing Page]

June 08, 2018

Hey there! Here is a landing page for our new project — the messenger with personalized avatars. Chudo's proprietary AI technology turns a selfie image into personalized animated 3D characters. You can use them to express emotions in r...

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850 words [landing]

June 01, 2018

Hey! Made a landing page for my pet project. 🖥850 words landing 📱Get the app on the App Store Tools: Atom, Figma. Follow me — Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Linkedin

Digital agency by volorf f7

Digital agency

April 30, 2018

Hi there! Some practice with typography and colors. Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Linkedin

Model agency portfolio

March 22, 2018

@2x is attached. Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Linkedin

Landing page

February 17, 2018

@2x version is attached.

Pantone color card

February 12, 2018

Hi there, Here is my concept for Pantone colour cards slider. Recently, I needed to use Pantone's site and I thought that there are some things that could improve UX there.

3 dribbble invites

February 02, 2018

Hi there! I just would like to remind you that I still have three invites and I will be happy to share them with you. To get one of these just create your shot you are proud of and post it on your Dribbble account (yes, you can do it e...