Digital Agency Landing Page

January 07, 2019

Hey there! Started to experiment with generative design (p5.js). Explore how it works in UI/UX field. Here you can try the 3d abstract lines generator — ⚒: Figma, P5. Stay tuned — Dribbble | Behan...

Furniture Product Card

July 16, 2018

Layout exploration. Some composition practice. Photo credits:

Chudo [Landing Page]

June 08, 2018

Hey there! Here is a landing page for our new project — the messenger with personalized avatars. Chudo's proprietary AI technology turns a selfie image into personalized animated 3D characters. You can use them to express emotions in r...

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850 words [landing]

June 01, 2018

Hey! Made a landing page for my pet project. 🖥850 words landing 📱Get the app on the App Store Tools: Atom, Figma. Follow me — Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Linkedin

Digital agency by volorf f7

Digital agency

April 30, 2018

Hi there! Some practice with typography and colors. Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Linkedin

Model agency portfolio

March 22, 2018

@2x is attached. Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Linkedin

Landing page

February 17, 2018

@2x version is attached.

Pantone color card

February 12, 2018

Hi there, Here is my concept for Pantone colour cards slider. Recently, I needed to use Pantone's site and I thought that there are some things that could improve UX there.