1. Animation sketch #5: Amoeba microanimation motion design motion animation fun amoeba cute art illustration character animation gif animation
    Animation sketch #5: Amoeba
  2. Animation sketch #5: moth characterdesign butterfly aftereffects gif motion design moth cute art character animation animation
    Animation sketch #5: moth
  3. Animation sketch #4: Injun cat cat animation character design cute art motion animation character animation gif animation cat
    Animation sketch #4: Injun cat
  4. Animation sketch #3: bust radish read walk radish walkcycle motion animation cute art gif animation character animation motion sketch
    Animation sketch #3: bust radish
  5. Animation sketch #2: old guitarist gif guitar metalcore character animation illustration motion design animation
    Animation sketch #2: old guitarist
  6. Animation sketch #1: hedgehog-tourist character animation character design cute art walkcycle illustration animation hedgehog
    Animation sketch #1: hedgehog-tourist
  7. Teadog character animation characters coffee coffeeshop tea cute art animation illustration motion design
  8. Unidoggy lover dog branding animation cute art motion animation valentinesday gif microanimation
    Unidoggy lover
  9. Unidoggy calls dog phone calling gif cute art motion design motion animation illustration animation microanimation
    Unidoggy calls
  10. Unidoggy lookong for smth cute art microanimation uianimation motion animation mascot design gif illustration character animation characterdesign
    Unidoggy lookong for smth
  11. Icon micro animation 3 icon ui motion design motion animation microanimation uianimation iconanimation gif
    Icon micro animation 3
  12. Icon micro animation 2 icon iconanimation uianimation gif motion design ui motion animation microanimation
    Icon micro animation 2
  13. Icon micro animation 1 icon animation icon ui uianimation microanimation gif animation motion design
    Icon micro animation 1
  14. Icon micro animation uianimation motion design gif illustration microanimation animation
    Icon micro animation
  15. Daily UI 005: Icon unicorn iconanimation gif death metal deathcore dailyui 005 daily challange daily 100 challenge cute art animation
    Daily UI 005: Icon
  16. woop! motion graphic gif car motion design animation
  17. U water drop typographic typeface animation motion design gif
  18. Daily UI 001: Sign Up signupform signup procreate dailyui dailyui 001 daily art daily challange illustration motion design motion animation animation
    Daily UI 001: Sign Up
  19. Unicorn on the rainbow cute art cute animal charactedesign frame by frame frame by frame animation motion animation motion design unicorn gif animation illustration
    Unicorn on the rainbow
  20. Solutions keys details hands design charts motion design illustration data analytics gif animation
  21. Halloween animation raccoon halloween gif illustration
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