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  1. 14 Jul Pro
    Vivek Venkatraman
    Commented on Arthur - Tides

    Song is awesome!

  2. 23 Jun Pro
    Vivek Venkatraman
    Commented on Weather App Concept

    This looks nice, but the text "cloudy", "Partly cloudy", etc is really quite small to read and is pretty low contrast also. It looks like its about size 10pt type (or 20pt for retina). I feel like going below 24pt for sentence case text is pretty risky especially with such low contrast. For better readability, maybe try bumping that type up just a couple points and adding just a touch more contrast?

  3. 19 Jun Pro
    Vivek Venkatraman
    Commented on Social App Concept

    This looks really nice, but why is the chat feature selected on the first screen? It doesn't look like you're actually chatting until you tap on that icon. Also, the tags on the first screen are very small and pretty low contrast. It looks like size 18pt - maybe try 20 or 22 for better readability?