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by Vilen

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iOS 7 Thin Icons

Finally getting around to posting some of the icons I've designed to be used in the upcoming SmugMug's iOS App.

July 22, 2014

Folders and pages icons by vilen

Folders And Pages Iconset

Don't know why, but I've recently realized just how much I love designing pictogram icons. The smaller the icons, the more constrains I have and every pixel ...

May 13, 2013

Browser icons by vilen

Browser Icons

Wanted to add these icons to highlight browser compatibility to our UI Library for a while, finally had a chance over the weekend to do it. Covered the top 5...

January 07, 2013

24s ui image editing iconset by vilen

24px Iconset for Image Editing

Instead of just showing a bunch of icons I wanted to create a set specifically for a task. Since at SmugMug we are a bunch of photo nerds this seems like a g...

May 09, 2012

16s ui iconset by vilen part 2

16s - UI Iconset Part II

Here is the rest of the iconset as promised. What do you guys think?

December 26, 2011

16s ui player iconset by vilen

16s Player Iconset

Added a few more icons to complete set for a media player.

December 14, 2011

16s ui iconset by vilen

16s - UI Iconset

Smaller iconset designed to work within buttons. Part of our UI Library at SmugMug. More to come...

December 08, 2011

24s ui iconset by vilen

24s UI Icons

Have been working on this icon set for quite some time now... Tweaking icons time and again. Icons were specifically built to fit in 24px cell with a 16px co...

September 12, 2011