1. Plant Shop - Product brand product adobe xd responsive design minimal animation web icon typography ux ui
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    Plant Shop - Product
  2. Ollie
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  3. Flower Soldier uniform light headdress roses branding design illustration vector soldier flowers
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    Flower Soldier
  4. Till When hebrew israel protest blue style retro old 50s typography identity brand design vector illustration poster idf
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    Till When
  5. The Refill cafe barista coffee illustration vector type website web ui ux typography glass shop logo flat identity branding brand design minimal
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    The Refill
  6. Martini Fight glass elegant fight liquid martini olives branding brand design minimal illustration vector
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    Martini Fight
  7. Angry Tally Silly Sally panic anxiety tampon foam beer wine glass hand shop branding design minimal vector illustration
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    Angry Tally Silly Sally
  8. Whiskey Night classy glass desgin stars night smooth orange whiskey flat minimal illustration vector
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    Whiskey Night
  9. Moovit app ui ux flat minimal design brand identity illustration vector
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  10. Blue Glasses design portrait cool kid boy men glasses hair cut hair shop flat ux logo brand illustration vector
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    Blue Glasses
  11. Reversed Strong ux floating milk glass cafe coffee shop design branding logo minimal vector illustration
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    Reversed Strong
  12. Mayowalk illustration identity vector walkman sony mayonnaise art music
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  13. Rosea flowers geometic vector flower femenine shop florist flat typography minimal logo illustration brand branding identity
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  14. Roses Shop App florist rose flower market shop store ios ux identity brand ui  ux ui app  design app
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    Roses Shop App
  15. Timothee Logo leaves typeface hats shop lettering flat illustration minimal typography vector identity logo 2d design branding brand logo
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    Timothee Logo
  16. Bridal Hair vector glowing glow femenine style lines hair portait design illustration
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    Bridal Hair
  17. Rosea mock-up typography vector identity minimal flowers florist brand branding logo
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  18. Way design website identity lettering web flat type minimal illustration typography vector logo branding
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