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Bank App

Hi guys & girls, I designed this little bank app concept for myself because i am sick of my current bank's app UI... This is what i'd like to use. I tri...

November 13, 2015

Netflix for iPad: Episode Feed

Hi Guys, As promised, i have designed the TV show episode feed. Since my first post, Netflix have updated their iOS apps and web experience. In particular...

June 28, 2015

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Something Different: Payment UI

Hi Guys, I decided to try something completely different to my normal design style. I wanted to get outside my comfort zone and try a design style which I w...

June 18, 2015

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Friends Music Suggestion Feature

I often call on my friends to suggest new music. Most of the time the suggestions are great and i love the new tunes but sometimes they throw in a few duds. ...

March 28, 2015

Netflix for iPad

Hi Guys, I have been watching a heap of Netflix over the past few weeks. The service is great but the app totally sucks, so i thought i'd have a shot at re...

March 14, 2015