Expenses 💰💸📱 - Settings Interface

November 08, 2018

Expenses - A Simple Expense Tracker Settings UI for a simple expense tracker for iOS. Download for free on the App Store Website Product Hunt Made by Alex Vanderzon & Chris Lang

📱 Simple Navigation Bar Icons

May 23, 2018

📱 Simple Navigation Bar Icons Made with Figma. Feel free to say hi on twitter: @alexvanderzon

📷 Instagram Feed Planner

February 05, 2018

I am learning some swift at the moment so I can better understand the world of iOS development and be more effective at working with iOS developers. I decided to try and build a instagram feed planner for my wife who is a marketer who ...

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Netflix for iPad: Episode Feed

June 28, 2015

Hi Guys, As promised, i have designed the TV show episode feed. Since my first post, Netflix have updated their iOS apps and web experience. In particular, they have added a large full screen detail view for content. I really like whe...

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Netflix for iPad

March 14, 2015

Hi Guys, I have been watching a heap of Netflix over the past few weeks. The service is great but the app totally sucks, so i thought i'd have a shot at redesigning it. Love to know your thoughts or if you want to have a go yourself,...

iOS 8 Custom Keyboard (Dark & Light)

July 04, 2014

Hi Guys, Here is a iOS 8 custom keyboard i designed. It utilises Swype for super fast typing (I'll post a video when i have a prototype). I have gone for the minimalistic feel whilst trying to keep with the unique aesthetic of iOS. Th...

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New Releases - iOS Wireframe

May 29, 2013

Its been ages since i have posted anything on Dribbble in about 3 months. I have been unwell, busy with uni and working on some other cool stuff (stay tuned).. New Releases - Music Concept Would love to hear some feedback about the la...

iOS App Settings Interface Concept

January 08, 2013

This idea has been spinning inside my head for the last few months. Finally decided to give it a go... Love to hear your thoughts. Check out the attached image files for the real pixels. I would love for you guys to give this shot a...