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Netflix for iPad

Hi Guys, I have been watching a heap of Netflix over the past few weeks. The service is great but the app totally sucks, so i thought i'd have a shot at re...

March 14, 2015

iOS 8 Custom Keyboard (Dark & Light)

Hi Guys, Here is a iOS 8 custom keyboard i designed. It utilises Swype for super fast typing (I'll post a video when i have a prototype). I have gone for t...

July 04, 2014

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RSS Reader (PSD Included)

Hi All, This is an RSS Reader I am playing around with. It takes inspiration from both Reeder and Medium iPad apps. Real Pixels Would love some fe...

July 03, 2014

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iOS Media Player

Friends, This is a personal iOS project i am currently working on. Would love some of your feedback. The app has a horizontal scroll (right scroll). Real ...

April 23, 2014

Google Hangouts iOS 7

I have recently started using google hangouts as a group conversation tool. Wasn't a fan of the design so i made my own.. This is the result. Would love ...

November 14, 2013

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