Nointernetconnection emptystate 2

No Internet Connection

November 03, 2016

We're revamping our product illustrations. One of the first iterations for an empty state. What are your thoughts? :)

Oops! Something Went Wrong

June 25, 2016

Another one from the 'empty state' illustrations. People be like "enough already!", but the project is a bit too fun and crazy!

Category Not Found

June 20, 2016

Another empty state for our App. Let us know your thoughts.

No Messages

June 17, 2016

Looks like someone will have to find a new home soon! :D An illustration for "No Messages" empty state. Show some love and press 'L'

Empty Wallet

June 16, 2016

Rebound of a previous shot. Did some tweaks with the typography.

No Internet Connection

June 06, 2016

My debut shot! Yayyy! An illustration project I've been working on, for the 'empty states' on the UrbanClap App. Would love your comments. P.S. More to come soon! :)