YB Cards

June 14, 2016

Logo and business card design for yacht decking company from The Netherlands. Done in association with Ocean Industries.


October 27, 2015

Worked on the major identity/brand overhaul with the Ocean Industries agency for the King William Shipyard in Amsterdam. Here's the view of the final logo and business card solution. More about them here: http://koningwilliam.nl/

HAD Logo

September 23, 2015

Logo design for Dutch "...initiative program to help youngsters get in touch with nautical work. They will refit a boat and then explore it in various ways: as a tender, taxi, on events and shows, etc. They will learn to refit, maintain,...


September 04, 2015

Working on several new brands and re-brands from the yachting industry and this one got something to do with it :)


April 09, 2015

Logo solution for essential Marine, a Dutch-based purpose-built fast boats maker. They build boats for wide range of purposes such as police, military, leisure and you can see one of the examples attached. Basic idea behind the mark was ...


February 10, 2015

Set of icons and little pattern design for this Dutch-based maritime education organization for youth. Final logo shot coming soon to!

VDH Cards

January 13, 2015

Logotype and business card design for VDH Yacths, huge yacht maker from The Netherlands. Created in collaboration with Ocean Industries agency. More about the company here: http://www.vanderheijdensteelyachts.nl/


October 28, 2014

Custom-made logotype for Hayden Yachts from Netherlands (VdH Yachts Group). Project developed in partnership with Ocean Industries agency. Bigger view at x2.

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