1. The Creation of AI tshirt creation humor collage ai
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    The Creation of AI
  2. (Old) experiment with pixel art pixels klein bottle house art pixel
    View (Old) experiment with pixel art
    (Old) experiment with pixel art
  3. The secret to focus
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    The secret to focus
  4. 30 Linear Drawings geometry illustration monoline iteration linear design print zine writing sketch drawing book
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    30 Linear Drawings
  5. Quality is found in quantity scribble writing drawing
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    Quality is found in quantity
  6. Sketch
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  7. #FEMINISM equality dropbox feminism
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  8. en·light·ened type eyeball
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  9. Supernova sphere pixels
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  10. Humble Audio audio soundwave animation monogram logo
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    Humble Audio
  11. Love dropbox balloon valentines day love
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  12. Animation test monoline guitar animation
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    Animation test
  13. Bloom black glyph rose bomber jacket
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  14. Hack Week 8 Logos space icons logos
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    Hack Week 8 Logos
  15. Gargantua gradient line art black hole
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  16. Busyblock™ productivity wood design product
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  17. EPD Hack Week
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    EPD Hack Week
  18. Essentials logo
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  19. Market monoline lockup type
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  20. What's Inside Dropbox? monoline
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    What's Inside Dropbox?
  21. H A C K
    View H A C K
    H A C K
  22. Desktop monoline warp
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  23. Mt. Fuji
    View Mt. Fuji
    Mt. Fuji
  24. Dropbox Pride love rainbow heart pride
    View Dropbox Pride
    Dropbox Pride
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