Case Study: PassFold UI.

February 24, 2017

Hi guys! Creative Friday to you! Do you like reading or watching design case studies? This is, perhaps, one of the most effective and rapid ways to absorb the details of the creative process and issues which can appear at different sta...

Tubik studio passfold video

Passfold Video Presentation

February 02, 2016

Hi guys! It’s been a while since I posted here and the time was full of interesting design tasks in Tubik Studio. Today I want to show you a bit of my latest project – video presentation of the product for Passfold. Here you see just a p...

ABC of Product Design

November 06, 2015

Hello guys! Warm and happy Friday to you! Here in Tubik Studio we have our hands full of creative work and bright discussions, designing new projects and preparing new posts for Tubik Blog. Hopefully, you remember our case studies on P...

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Passfold logo options

October 22, 2015

Hey there guys, how are you doing? It's so cold and gloomy outside, so I've decided to cheer you up with some bright colors. Here's one of my recent works on the Passfold project - I worked on logo and branding for it and wanted to share...

Case study: PassFold Logo

October 16, 2015

Hi guys! Hope your week is pleasant and fruitful! This Monday I posted here the small presentation of the case study in our Blog that was devoted to the design process of creating UI for the PassFold project. And, as it was promised, th...