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  1. 24 Aug
    Trevor Gerzen
    Commented on Numerals

    Love this! When you create the shadow on this do you do it as a separate object from the extrusion? When I have been playing with this idea it seems like the best way to get the shadow you want is to do it by manipulating the shadow manually.

  2. 23 Aug
    Trevor Gerzen
    Commented on V

    Van Halen?

  3. 17 Aug
    Trevor Gerzen
    Commented on They Are Here poster

    Yo @Nick Slater ! I know this is an old post, but I was looking at this style I really dig it. I was wondering about the drop shadows. Did you do anything in particular to them? It seems to me like the drop shadow is only really visible on the actual lettering below, not so much any where else around it. Did you some how confine the shadow to that area or is it just not noticeable on the white background?

  4. 17 Aug
    Trevor Gerzen
    Commented on Super Team Deluxe: Namasté

    @Justin Mezzell who took the photo? Its bad ass!

  5. 5 Jun
    Trevor Gerzen
    Followed Ben Cline.