Operation Condor Belt Buckles

January 03, 2011

Wanted to be sure my teammates got their Christmas presents before posting this shot. I had such a great time working on Lost World's Fairs I thought I'd commemorate it with a belt buckle / paper weight.

Lost World's Fairs

September 16, 2010

Had a busy & great time launching Lost World's Fairs yesterday. I wrote a post outlining some of the work that went into the project: it's here.

Operation Condor

September 08, 2010

Operation Condor doesn't exist... as a matter of fact, you never saw this.

Operation Condor

September 02, 2010

Operation Condor? That's Kablamo! Dave and I are coding stuff for Jason, Frank and Naz... more sneak peaks: here, and here, and here

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