I'm a Graphic design maverick, a multi-disciplined graphics designer. I serve as the C.E.O of Eaglesculpt and Triadgraphix, with 7 years of learning experience ranging from logo designs, to branding, to print designs and other creatively brain wracking endeavours. I enjoys
communicating ideas through visual concepts, primarily using design softwares from Adobe's creative suites which entails Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design and the use of Figma as a tool for wireframing and prototyping in UI/UX designs.

I love problems (yes, real problems), as i believe that the process of solving them helps rejuvenate and develop my mindset and creativity.

When I'm not trying to turn innovation in my head in graphic design, you will surely find me somewhere in my crib drawing and getting inspired while listening to music.  


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