D6246c5e97c81e8b90dcc118fc185ea3 MyMovie App Design

by Tobia Crivellari

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MyMovie - UI Design - Part 3 -

Despite the world designer's community is turning into flat design/style I keep doing the skeuomorphic design..which I LOVE! Anyway....Third screen for my pe...

June 12, 2013

MyMovie - UI Design - Part 2 -

Here the second screen design! Once you chose the category all the boxes (categories) slide away to the left (not at the same time but with a cool animation ...

May 30, 2013

MyMovie - UI Design - Part 1 -

Hey guys! Last week I started one of my side project! I LOVE movie, so I though to start design an app for it! I was inspired by "ToDo Movie" (great movie ap...

May 28, 2013

About This Project

This app allows you to see the upcoming movie, the movies that are in the theatres, browse by genres and more...