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  3. 29 Nov Tim Hicks Commented on Rise — Course Overview by Ben Mingo for ueno.

    This looks really clean - the motion really brings it to life.

    I took a quick look at the site via the link you provided and I'm curious why you don't have a sorta interstitial features page between clicking the "rs" card and creating an account (like you do for the Content Library and Articulate Live products)? Given all I've seen of the product is a few dribbble shots, I was hoping for more info before signing up. Also, personally, I hate signing up for trials without knowing the terms up front (how long is the trial, what features can I access, what's the cost when the trial ends, etc...)

    And one last super minor thing, the Articulate 360 logo in the header of the Rise sign in page doesn't link back to 360.articulate.com like the other product sign in pages. Just a heads up :)

    Anyways, great work on this shot, looking forward to seeing this thing in action.