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Rubber Stamp

Rubber stamp I put together this morning for a new page. When a user verifies their email address, they're sent to a page acknowledging the validity of the v...

October 08, 2012


Light Switch

Illustration of a light switch I'm going to be using on a particular set of pages. I drew it extra large so it would work properly on retina displays as well...

October 04, 2012

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Ticket Business Card-Printed

Got the cards shipped over, today, and took a few quick pics with my iPhone. I've attached a larger (poor quality) image for your review. These were printed...

September 12, 2012

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Ticket Business Card

Mockup of our in-print business cards. They're die-cut to look like a ticket, with a spot uv on the back with iconography from our platform. Currently being...

August 31, 2012


Menu Icons

Simple menu icons for Channel, Files, Profile, Revenue, and Stats.

July 25, 2012