iOS Iconography

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New Fork

Proposed new ios app icon for newfork.ru. The icon is an illustrated version of the existing logo (on the right) to make it seem more "real" in some fashion.

March 23, 2013


An iOS icon I made for the guys at minus (minus.com) for a new app. I kept the lid on this one for a while but just found out yesterday that they suddenly sh...

February 12, 2013

Secret Mission iOS App Icon

iOS icon design for a secret mission app. The app itself gives users a secret mission every day, so we brainstormed a mission impossible-style audio tape pla...

October 20, 2012

Cloudsapp wip1

Clouds App WIP 1

A work in progress for a cloud-centric app. Very very detailed stuff. Many of the details are, naturally, lost when it's scaled down very very tiny, but so f...

August 03, 2012

Shopping app

Shopular App Icon

App icon design for a social shopping app. The little heart is relevant to the app.

July 31, 2012